Teachers, School Leaders And Students Training Workshop On Alternative To Corporal Punishment.

The Centre for Didactics and Research in Education (CEDRE) is implementing the project called Alternative to Corporal Punishment in the Teacher Training College and Secondary Schools in Rwanda: A contribution to sustainable peace, under the supervision of PIASS. It aims to contribute to quality education through non-violent communication and sustainable peace education in the post-genocide school system of Rwanda. The project is working with 5 secondary schools and 1 Teacher Training College (TTC). The project started by collecting baseline data.  The collected data was carefully analysed to know the gap where training is needed. After analysing the data, the project provided the different training modules on alternatives to corporal punishment to the different categories of people from the selected schools (head teachers, parents, teachers, church leaders and students). the training workshops were held at PIASS and were having the two sessions, the first was for parents and church leaders on 25-26 March 2024 and the second was for teachers, head teachers and students on 2-3 April 2024. The participants were trained on critical thinking, child psychology, quality education, concept of conflict and violence, corporal punishment and non-violent communication, thus contributing to sustainable peace development.