Two Days Workshop By AEGIS Trust

With AEGIS TRUST, the center for Didactics has organised a training of the two-day workshop for PIASS leaders and students and teachers. The main topic for this workshop was peace awareness and values education. The workshop has provided the tools and skills needed to sharpen the minds and hearts of the next generation of peace builders and ambassadors for sustainable peace and social justice. The training focused on importing knowledge of Rwanda's history, with particular emphasis on the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi, and equipping these teachers, students and PIASS leaders with strategies to integrate peace and values education into the classroom. Beyond the historical perspective, the training also highlighted the role of gender in peacebuilding. Participants shared their perceptions of gender and questioned why the concept of gender is synonymous with women.  Promoting positive forms of masculinity is an important contribution to a stable and peaceful future Rwanda, helping to achieve gender equality and end violence against women and girls.