CEDRE - Water Testing Project.

Water Testing Project.

The Centre for Didactic and Research in Education (CEDRE), in collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management club, carried out the water testing project on 27 March 2023. The aim of this test was to know the quality of water used by students on campus and to provide students with practical skills related to water testing. The water was tested by the students of the Department of Geography, members of the Peace Club and member of environmental management club.   In this test, two parameters were monitored which are turbidity and PH. For turbidity they used a device called turbid meter and dropper, we got 1.81NTU and this result concluded that this water was safe for consumption in relation to the World Health Organization acceptable indicator of 0.1-5.0UTU. Whereas they got 8.0 as a result and concluded that the water was safe to drink because 6.5-8.5 is the accepted range by the World Health Organization (WHO).